Bamboo copter & Hopter 竹とんぼとタケコプター

Hello everybody. みなさん、こんにちは!

Today I’d like to introduce you to bamboo copter.


Do you know bamboo copter.
Bamboo copter -Japanese toy-
竹とんぼ ~日本のおもちゃ~
Let’s make a bamboo copter. 
The bamboo-copter, also known as the bamboo dragonfly or Chinese top, (Chinese zhuqingting 竹蜻蜓,Japanese taketombo 竹蜻蛉) is a toy helicopter rotor that flies up when its shaft is rapidly spun. Thishelicopter-like top originated in Warring States period China around 400 BCE, and was the object of early experiments by George Cayley, the inventor of modern aeronautics.
In China, the earliest known flying toys consisted of feathers at the end of a stick, which was rapidly spun between the hands and released into flight. “While the Chinese top was no more than a toy, it is perhaps the first tangible device of what we may understand as a helicopter.”
By the way, do you know the Hopter?  
Hopter タケコプター
The Hopter is a gadget from Doraemon’s four-dimensional secret gadget pocket. It allows the user to fly into the air.
See you じゃあね、また!