Hanayashiki , Asakusa -The oldest amusement park in Japan-浅草花やしき

Hello everybody. みなさん、こんにちは!


This is quite sudden, but do you like amusement park?



Today I’d like to introduce you to Hanayashiki , Asakusa.



There are many amusement park in Japan ,but this Hanayashiki is famous for the oldest.



Then, please see it now♪



KanAki & Asahi 浅草の花やしきであそんだよ♪


loos like fun!!


It is heart-warming to see it. 



みんなのふるさと 日本最古の遊園地「花やしき」浅草のシンボル!


This movie is Japnese TV program that broadcasted in weekly evening.



 浅草花やしき ローラーコースター/Asakusa Hanayashiki Roller coaster


It’s very popular attraction in Hanayashiki.


You can see TOKYO SKYTREE. It’s good!!




Hanayashiki Charisma’s ligjts. 花やしきライトアップ


Wow it’s beautiful. とっても綺麗だね



(source https://www.instagram.com/p/BZK2b6zBX77/?taken-at=214289280)


Hanayashiki was opened as a flower park in 1853, when Commodore of the US Navy Matthew Calbraith Perry visited our country in the late Edo era.

Nowadays, Hanayashiki is operating as an amusement park where it is overflowing with 20 kinds of attractions and lunchrooms.

Shops in the park also have a wide range of souvenirs, like park original goods!


Official website  公式サイト



  • 2-28-1, Asakusa, Taito-ku 111-0032
  • TEL:03-3842-8780
  • Operation Hours:10:00〜18:00 (Operation Hours oan change seasonally and Weather)
  • Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Toei Subway Asakusa Line / Tobu SkyTree Line,5minutes on foot from Asakusa Station


It takes only 3 minutes from Hanayashiki to Sensouji on foot. 



Sensouji Asakusa 浅草・浅草寺

(source  https://matcha-jp.com/jp/2587)



See you じゃあね、また( ゚ー゚)/


(source of picture of top https://travel.mynavi.jp/kanko/article/tky004_025/)