Ikameshi -A local dishes of Hokkaido- イカめし 北海道郷土料理

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Today I’d like to introduce you to Ikameshi,a local dishes of Hokkaido.


Do you know Ikameshi?
Ikameshi イカめし
That is Ikameshi. Have you ever seen it?

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北海道郷土料理 イカめし

Ikameshi -A local dishes of Hokkaido-

Ikameshi’s History

In 1941 during World War II when food rations had a shortage of rice, Mori Station bentou vendor Abeshoten (now Ikameshi Abeshoten) decided to use the plentiful Japanese flying squid that were being caught at the time as a way to ration the supply of rice.
After the war, in 1966, Keio Department Store held their first annual “Famous Novel Ekiben and National Delicacies Competition” (元祖有名駅弁と全国うまいもの大会 Ganso Yūmē Ekiben to Zenkoku Umaimono Taikai), for which Abeshoten entered their ikameshi dish. By the second competition, sales of ikameshi reached the number one ranking and became a regular entry in subsequent years. This gradually made it known nationally as a Mori delicacy and a Hokkaidō delicacy in general.
In recent years, other manufacturers of ikameshi other than Abeshoten have cropped up, and it is now possible to easily obtain it packaged and preserved by such means as special events and mail-order. Even in Honshū, it is sold at many stations where squid are caught nearby.
Squid イカ(ika) 

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