Sweet old Japanese idol song 昔懐かしい日本のアイドルソング♪

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Today I’d like to introduce you to Sweet old Japanese idol song






モーニング娘。 『ザ☆ピース!』 (MV)

 Morning Musume /  The Peace!
 12th single. released July 25,2001

How do you like it?



I love itヾ(´ε`*)ゝ


Have you ever heard this song?? 


This song was so popular  in Japan. 




Morning Musume モーニング娘。

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Morning Musume was formed in 1997 by rock singer-songwriter turned record producer Tsunku, who later composed a vast majority of the group’s songs over the decade. They are the lead group of Hello! Projectthat specialises in upbeat, pop-oriented music coupled with dance performance. 
The group produced several splinter groups, and often collaborates with other Hello! Project acts, including Country MusumeBerryz KoboCuteMelon Kinenbi, and v-u-den. The group’s name can be translated as “Morning Girls” or “Morning Daughters”;as the name suggests, it consists of members mostly in their late adolescence and early 20s. The average age of the group members has remained more or less unchanged since its original formation because the group maintains a “school-like” system for their continuous line-up changes, with older members “graduating” and new, usually younger, members selected from nationwide auditions admitted to the group almost annually.

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