Popular Japanese song BEGIN 島んちゅの宝

Hello everybody. みなさん、こんにちは!
This time I’d like to introduce you to popular Japanese song

Please see it now♪


BEGIN /島人ぬ宝
BEGIN / Shimanchu nu takara 

How do you like it?


It’s a good song, isn’t it? 良い曲でしょ?^_^
Begin (ビギン BiginIPA: [biɡiɴ], stylized as BEGIN) is a Japanese pop rock group from Ishigaki Island in theYaeyama Islands of Okinawa PrefectureJapan. Their sound contains many elements of traditional Okinawan music, and prominently features the sanshin.
The members of Begin – Eishō Higa (比嘉栄昇) (sanshin, vocals), 
Masaru Shimabukuro (島袋優) (guitar), and Hitoshi Uechi (上地等) (piano) – are all from Ishigaki Island. They have been friends since elementary school. They also attended the same senior high school but upon graduation all intended to go their separate ways. One day, Eishō gathered the members together again and they began to focus on music. On December 5, 1988, they sang at a friend’s wedding, calling themselves “Begin” for the first time. Soon they began to become famous. As of 13 November 2006 they have released 22 singles, 24 albums and 8 DVDs. Perhaps their most famous song is “Nada Sōsō“, a collaboration between Begin and Ryōko Moriyama. Begin has had at least one song appear on the NHK program Minna no Uta. They are also the performers of the “Ichariba Ohana” and “Izayoi Yoi”, the opening and first ending themes of the Disney-produced anime series Stitch!.
Shimanchu nu Takara” (島人ぬ宝Okinawan for “Treasure of the Islanders”) is a song by Okinawa-based J-pop band Begin. It reached number 47 on the Oricon weekly charts and the band performed the song onNHK‘s 53rd annual Kōhaku Uta Gassen in 2002. It has become a song iconic of Okinawa Prefecture due to its use of eisa-inspired chanting. Its B-side that begins with “Soredemo Kurashi wa…” is noted as being one of the longest song titles in Japan.
Sea of Okinawa 沖縄の海
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