Beautiful Bridge in Japan / Rainbow Bridge レインボーブリッジ

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Today I’d like to introduce you to Rainbow bridge,beautiful Bridge in Japan




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レインボーブリッジの朝焼け 車載動画

Rainbow Bridge・morning sunlight
*The song is sorano kakera by ayako ikeda  

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It’s a great music and beautiful movie!!  
Rainbow Bridge レインボーブリッジ
The Rainbow Bridge (レインボーブリッジ Reinbō burijji) is a suspension bridge crossing northern Tokyo Baybetween Shibaura Pier and the Odaiba waterfront development in Minato, TokyoJapan.
It was built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries,with construction starting in 1987 and completed in 1993.The bridge is 798 metres (2,618 ft) long with a main span of 580 metres (1,903 ft). Officially called the “Shuto Expressway No. 11 Daiba Route – Port of Tokyo Connector Bridge,”the name “‘Rainbow Bridge” was decided by the public.
The towers supporting the bridge are white in color, designed to harmonize with the skyline of central Tokyo seen from Odaiba. There are lamps placed on the wires supporting the bridge, which are illuminated into three different colors, red, white and green every night using solar energy obtained during the day.
The bridge can be accessed by foot from Tamachi Station (JR East) or Shibaura-futō Station (Yurikamome) on the mainland side.
Ayako Ikeda
Ayako Ikeda (池田 綾子 Ikeda Ayako) (born 1 June 1978) is a Japanese song writer and singer. She is signed onto Sony Music Japan.
She debuted with her single “Yasashii Uta” (優しい歌) on February 21, 2002, her single ‘Life’ became the theme song of the TV drama “Ai nante iranee yo, natsu” (愛なんていらねえよ、夏), and she has composed and sung the opening and ending themes to the anime Dennou Coil.
Ayako ikeda Official website.


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